Lion’s Mane and Chaga Mushroom Double Extracted Tincture 2 oz

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Fat Caps Fungi double extracted tinctures give you the best benefits of Lion’s Mane and Chaga all in one.  This is a 2 oz bottle.

Fat Caps Fungi tinctures are made using ONLY the entire fruiting body for maximum health benefits.  There are NO fillers in any tinctures or our other products.  Lion’s Mane and Chaga are valuable medicinal mushrooms and have been shown to have great health benefits.

Tincturing is the art of extracting the active ingredients from a plant and concentrating it in a liquid form, which has been around since Ancient Egypt. Our tinctures are double extracted, meaning we use 100 proof, local alcohol for the initial extraction (taking 2 months). The second we hot water extract the remaining fruiting bodies to pull out additional ingredients the alcohol can not. We combine the two for an incredible supplement.

Ingredients: Chaga  and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, local Vodka and water.