Heavenly Spread

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12 oz squeeze bottle of some amazing mushroom spread.  Made from our mushrooms, this spread is a delightful mixture of ingredients aimed to please your tastebuds and WOW your guests.  It’s the same as the sauce, except we puréed the mushrooms for you!

The taste is somewhere between a Worcestershire sauce and a steak sauce.  Honestly just try it, that’s the only way to describe it.  In the 18th century this was referred to as mushroom ketchup, but this is our version of it.

Suggested uses are:  Use it the way you would ketchup or hummus – topping for a burger, steak, pork chop, in scrambled eggs, on a cauliflower crust pizza instead of tomato sauce, topping on a bagel, crostini or bagel chips……..the possibilities are endless.  Let us know how you used it!