About Fat Caps Fungi



Mike has been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life.  By the Grace of God, Mike met Kerri, Easter of 2001.  Shortly after, Kerri was diagnosed with MS – Multiple Sclerosis.  After struggling with big pharma, they decided to go as natural as possible.  This was the beginning of their incredible journey of growing and raising their own food and sharing it with others.

As they have progressed, they saw there was a need for gourmet mushrooms in Central PA.  They started growing a variety of delicious mushrooms in 2019, and they began making their products available to quality restaurants in Central and Western PA.  But 2020 required adaptation if they were to stay in business.  So, Mike and Kerri decided to diversify their offerings.  Mike and Kerri now offer FRESH (as before) mushrooms along with boutique style, handcrafted mushroom jerky, Umami seasonings and freeze-dried mushrooms to the people of Pennsylvania and nationwide.  They also began growing medicinal mushrooms to offer mushroom supplements and double extracted tinctures.

Mike and Kerri’s mushroom jerky and seasonings start with their very own cultivated, gourmet mushrooms.  Then they handcraft these incredible fungi into delicious, nutritious packable treats for your entire family and friends to enjoy.

Their seasonings can provide that Umami (savory) flavor to any of your food creations.

Their Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga supplements and tinctures will provide your mind and body with all the benefits of these mushrooms in a concentrated form.  You can take them anywhere. 

Fungi and Fun-gal at Fat Caps Fungi