Jerky Variety Pack

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Pick any 4 of our delicious flavors and save.

Choose from:

  • Zesty Thai Mushroom Jerky
  • Pepper Mushroom Jerky
  • Apple of My Eye
  • Sweet Heat Mushroom Jerky
  • Sweet Balsamic and Fig Mushroom Jerky
  • Bacon Mushroom Jerky
  • Kerriyaki Mushroom Jerky
  • Bee-Mo-Sabi
  • Fierce Fungi
  • Mystery pick (Let us choose for you!)

Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky is a great treat for vegans, vegetarians, plant based and even carnivores.   Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky is perfect for people on the go, whether you’re backpacking, biking, hiking, camping, over-landing, etc, it fits anywhere.   Everyone, even your kids will love mushroom jerky

If you’re in need of a quick pick me up and a healthy snack, grab Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky, your tastebuds will thank you.


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