Mushroom Jerky


Fat Caps Fungi Mushroom Jerky is made from our King Blue Oyster and Black King Trumpet mushrooms.  We grow our mushrooms year round for the purpose of creating delicious and nutritious jerky.  NO SCRAPS!!!!  We then carefully blend wholesome ingredients to give our mushroom jerky its signature taste.  No preservatives or fillers - EVER!

Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky is a great treat for vegans, vegetarians, plant based and even carnivores.   Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky is perfect for people on the go, whether you’re backpacking, biking, hiking, camping, over-landing, etc, it fits anywhere.   Everyone, even your kids will love mushroom jerky

If you’re in need of a “pick me up” and a healthy snack, grab Fat Caps Fungi mushroom jerky, your tastebuds will thank you.